Riley Anne Prewett (rileyannemcg) wrote,
Riley Anne Prewett

I am a first class idiot. What was I thinking, getting into a one on one fight with a Slytherin. That they'd fight fair? Fucking hell. I should have brought a second anyway. Not that I couldn't have beaten her myself if I hadn't been wandless, silenced and hanging from a fucking ceiling.

I can't tell anyone else what happened. I just can't. Telling Fabian was enough. I just don't want to upset anyone else.

I really hate looking in the mirror right now. Covered in stupid scars from the last fight and this one. That and I feel like such a horrible person.

I'm not fighting anyone again. Unless it's dire. I'll keep my mouth shut, I swear it.

You know what's fantastic? No? Me neither.
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